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The work group DIVERSITAS focuses its activities especially on research in the fields of diversity, migration, racism (criticsm), refugee research, etc.

  • It functions as a platform for the initiation, promotion and presentation of interdisciplinary projects and research collaborations in education, migration, multilingualism and diversity research
  • It serves as a promotion of young scientists (eg. as part of the doctoral colloquium)
  • In the context of scientific accompaniment/ evaluation of model projects


Research fields

The members of the work group DIVERSITAS conduct research on diversity in the fields in the intersection of intercultural pedagogy, educational science, sociological analyzations, adult education, special eduction, racism (criticsim) as well as individual subject sciences and the didactics of specific subjects.

This interdisciplinary orientation of various social and humanities theories gain in importance, which are helpful in the deconstruction and expansion of lines of differences in different taget groups (eg. children, adolescents, students, adults, transmigrants, expatriates, etc.). These inlcude critical criticisms of globalization and capitalism, culural theories, critical approaches to educational research, fundamentals of pedagogy of diversity, work on multilingualism, German as a second language and as an educational language, inclusion, intersectional analysis, publications on the subject of "racism criticism" as well as approaches to diversity management.

The focus is on the recognition and appreciation of diversity and heterogeneity of people and gorups in their equality and diversity. Diversity Education- is an innovative field of theory and action that also takes civic awareness models or altered migration phenomena (such as espatriation, transmigration) into account.