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About us

DIVERSITAS (Diversity - Migration - Edcuation) is an interdisciplinary work and reasearch field at Leibniz University of Hanover. It was founded as "interpead" in 1985 at the Institute of educational studies by members of multiple academic fields. The intergrative approach seeks to shed light on the growing importance of diversity competence in the edcuational field since the complexity of origins, languages, cultures, values and norms, religions and national affiliation is no longer foreign in today's society.
In the contrary, diversity is an important part of social life and successively attracts attention in not only in education, but also policy making as well as in other parts of societal life. 

Every individual and group, regardless of socio-cultural or physical membership, is entitled to education and qualification. DIVERSITAS therefore follows strong normative implications that arise with an increasingly plural society:  
Intercultural compentences are a key qualification in modern work force and are thus in focus of the work of DIVERSITAS.

In teaching:

  • coordination, planning and conducting the courses at the DIVERSITAS field
  • minor subject Diversity Education 
  • additional qualification "Intercultural Pedagogy" which is open for every student at the faculty of philosophy
  • for the field of core competences

In research:
In consulting: