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Thematic priorities

DIVERSITAS analyzses social heterogenety and hybridity in a context of globalization. The core area investigates the consequences for education and educational professions along the lines of class, race, gender, culture, language and religion. We also take the processes of life-long learning within a diverse society into account.

Main emphasis of DIVERSITAS in consulting, research and teaching are:

- society and migration
- Discrimination, racism and ring-wing extremism
- Inter- and transcultural
- German as a second language, Multilingualism
- Transnationalism and Internationalism
- Diversity and Education
- Global Learning

- Inter- and transcultural
many years of research and research experiences
- certificate Intercultural Pedagogy (STUBE)
- seminars udring the semester
- networking in Hanover

- German as a scond language , Multilingualism - research - seminars - cooperations - publications - Diversity and Education